Enhanced Armoured Patch Cords

Enhanced armoured patch cords are used in customer premises, central offices and in indoor harsh environments. The patch cords provide flexible interconnection to active equipment, passive optical devices and cross-connects. Armoured patch cords are constructed with an helical stainless steel tape over a buffered fibre surrounded by a layer of aramid and stainless steel mesh with an outer jacket. Our patch cords are terminated with our optimised range of connectors, all quality tested to meet our and international standards.

FC Connectors

The FC connector features a 2.5 mm ferrule and a threaded metal coupling nut, for a secure connection in high vibration environments and in laboratory testing for consistent results. A range of FC connectors are manufactured including Low Loss and High Performance Grades which are suitable for various applications. The FC Connectors are available for singlemode UPC with blue boots, APC with green boots and multimode PC with black boots suitable for 900μm, 2mm or 3mm cable diameters.

AM1U Sliding Patch Panel – 3 Position Modular

This innovative, robust, 1U sliding panel with a smoked plexi glass hinged front door, has been designed to accept up to 3 LGX style assemblies.
With the ability to use a full array of adapter types, this panel offers a flexible solution to the end user, enabling them to incorporate a multi functional chassis that allows easy access during installation or rework with no disturbance of the existing cable or fibres.
In the addition to the array of adaptors the panel also offers multiple cable entry solutions, MTP/MPO trunk cables connected to 3 individual MTP/MPO cassettes with up to 24 fibres in each, loose tube cable to be spliced into standard splice cassettes to allow standard splicing or pre terminated solutions, making this panel one of the most flexible on the market.

Hybrid Adaptors (Male to Female)

Hybrid adaptors are used for mating 2 different style connectors or assemblies. These adaptors have a female adaptor end united to the back end of a different male connector which can be connected to an additional adaptor or interface of the same type. This can change the assembly end without the need for additional cable, therefore educing space. Our hybrid adaptors conform to international standards, are quality tested, and are available in singlemode and multimode and come in many different connector-type configurations.

CSB04 Termination Box

The internal termination box is designed for use in residential, small and large businesses premises. The unit houses a single splice tray and allows fibers from internal or external cables to be spliced to pigtails for connection to the optical network unit. The unit can be quickly installed within a home, office or communication room environment. Internal or external cable can enter the unit from the bottom of the box or through the wall.